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See what women are saying about the Self-Inject contraceptive
and why it’s become their go-to birth control choice!
Nakiganda Mariam

Self-Inject helps me protect myself from unplanned pregnancy and stay focused on my dreams."

Salongo & Nalongo

A happy Nalongo and Salongo share their experience with the Self-Inject contraceptive and how it has helped them achieve their dreams, as a couple.


No more stress about unplanned babies for Teopista. Watch to see how the Self-Inject contraceptive changed her life!

Birungi Mutebi

When her first husband ended their marriage, Birungi made some life-changing decisions including, getting on family planning methods particularly the Self-Inject contraceptive which has since changed her life for the better.

Batenga Jane

Jane's control over her time and body has improved since she started using the Self-Inject contraceptive. Be like Jane, use Self-Inject today!

Tusiime Shakira

Thanks to the Self-Inject contraceptive, Shakira can now travel anywhere knowing Self-Inject can protect her from unplanned pregnancy.

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